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Thorn is a female Immortal with short brown hair and brown eyes.

Current The Immortals
Past None
Weapon Oak Axe
Status Living
Rival Unknown
Title Guardian of Nature



Thorn is first mentioned by Blaze, who claims that Thorn couldn't revive Justice and that Justice was officially dead. Later on, Blaze sees her burying Justice by herself, and Thorn snidely makes a comment on how Helios had to raise the sun, leaving her to bury Justice alone. After hearing about the news that Queen Fierce wanted to recruit an Immortal, she seems pleased that another Immortal would be joining their ranks. This quickly changes though when Blaze asks her to convince the Mortal that they aren't in danger, and to hide the fact that Immortals are dying mysteriously and often. Thorn agrees, but tells Blaze that if the Mortal dies, she will not revive her, due to the fact that reviving the dead takes lots of energy, and she doesn't want to waste that energy before the full moon. Blaze agrees, and leaves Thorn to finish the burial for Justice.


All that is written here has been confirmed by the writers of The Immortals.