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The Immortals are a group of humans with magical powers and eternal youth.


The Immortals are a powerful group of humans with magical powers that vary from each Immortal, and they have eternal youth. Although as the name suggests that they would have immortality, that is not the case. Immortals can be killed in battle or by other means, their powers just make it so that they cannot die of old age.

Any Mortal could become an Immortal, due to the fact that Immortals are made, not born. To become an Immortal, the Mortal must undergo training that helps develop their individual powers. If the Mortal fails to complete or be successful their training, they usually are sent back to their old lives or in rare cases, killed.

Any creature could technically become an Immortal. For instance, Blaze is a Pyro but decided to undergo training to become an Immortal. Another case of this is Storm, who was born as a Waterfolk but decided to also undergo training and become an Immortal.

Immortal powers vary from each Immortal and no two power sets are the same. When an Immortal dies, their powers will choose another host to reside in. Powers then are passed down from each generation of Immortals, but even then the powers change as they go from their original host to their new one.

The Immortals are rivals of the group The Demons.

List of Known Immortals and Their Powers[]

  • Queen Fierce- She possesses psychic powers and has the ability to destroy matter.
  • Blaze- She possesses fire powers which include being able to spontaneously combust, extreme resistance against fire, and being able to conjure it anywhere she goes.
  • Storm- She possesses the power to control the weather, conjure lightning, and breathe underwater.
  • Thorn- She possesses the power to control plants, talk to animals, and to revive the dead within an hour of their deaths.
  • Raven- She possesses the power to use basic dark magic, and has the ability to raise the moon and stars.
  • Lotus- She possesses the power to turn into and talk to animals.
  • Helios- He possesses the power to use complex light magic, and to raise the sun.
  • Justice- Powers unknown.