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Queen Fierce is a female Immortal with short blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes.

Queen Fierce
Current The Immortals
Past None
Weapon Bronze Sword
Status Living
Rival Unknown
Title Protector of Life



Queen Fierce is the first person seen in the book, and she is shown watching the skies, pondering the fate of the Immortals. When Blaze enters, she seems distraught about Justice's death, and vows revenge against whatever killed her. Blaze proceeds to tell her about the Mortal she had saw, and Queen Fierce urges to her recruit the Mortal, believing her to be an answer to the strange deaths that are plaguing the Immortals. She later is seen with Storm discussing Blaze when she returns with the Mortal, and then initiates the Mortal, who takes the name of Lotus, to the Immortals.


All that is written here has been confirmed by the writers of The Immortals.