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Lotus is a female Immortal with long black hair and brown eyes.

Current The Immortals
Past None
Weapon The Wolf Bow
Status Living
Rival Unknown
Title The Voice of the Wild



Lotus is first mentioned by Blaze, who refers to her as "The Mortal." Queen Fierce takes an interest and her, and commands Blaze to bring Lotus to join the Immortals, due to her showing signs of having the power over metamorphosis. When she first arrives and meets the Immortals, she seems confused and shakily asks what's wrong with Storm's eyes and why she gets to choose her own name. After answering this questions, she then names herself Lotus, after nature that shelters the animals that she can turn into. After her iniation, she is shown following Blaze to her tower. In Blaze's tower, Blaze explains to Lotus the customs of the Immortals, and notes how at sunset she will receive her eternal youth and become a full fledged Immortal. Blaze and Lotus leave the tower to go to the celebration.


All that is written here has been confirmed by the writers of The Immortals.