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Blaze is a female Immortal with flaming hair and brown eyes.

Current The Immortals
Past The Pyros
Weapon Fire Whip
Father King Scorch
Mother Queen Ember
Status Living
Rival Unknown
Title Keeper of the Flames



Blaze is first seen reporting to Queen Fierce the news that one of the fellow Immortals, Justice, has died. Queen Fierce seems agitated, and through conversation brings up the topic that she had spotted a Mortal that seemed to possess Immortal-like qualities. This interests Queen Fierce, and she commands Blaze to go and fetch this Mortal so that she can become an Immortal and help the Immortals grow stronger. Before she sets out however, she stops and asks Thorn to help Queen Fierce and herself to convince the Mortal that they aren't in danger, which in reality they are. Blaze fears that if the Mortal knows that they are in danger, then she will flee from them and expose the Immortals to the Mortal world. Thorn agrees, but on one condition- if the Mortal dies before Thorn can develop her strength again, she will not revive her. Blaze agrees, but it is noted that she feels uneasy about her promise. After she fetches the Mortal, she is shown to be feeling victorious, and when the Mortal woman becomes Lotus, she is seen cheering her name loudly. After Lotus's initiation, she is seen asking Lotus to follow her, and she mentions she has something to tell her.In her tower, she tells Lotus the customs of the Immortals, and reminices on how she once was a Pyro, a magical race of humans with fire powers. She notes how before she left the Pyros she was the Princess of the Pyros, and how Immortals are made, not born. She then is seen leaving her tower with Lotus to head to the celebration of Lotus's new status.


All that is written here has been confirmed by the writers of The Immortals.